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Chris Hyams

As a fourth-generation business owner, Chris Hyams knows what it takes to help ensure that his company’s clients, employees and sub-contractors stay happy. How? By making sure to treat everyone he encounters on the job with the same level of respect.

Chris started working at G. S. & S. at the age of 15, pulling nails and pushing brooms. Working for the company through spring and summer breaks led him to being exposed to every aspect of the business. While working his way up the ranks, Chris studied construction management at Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University). He completed his last nine hours of college credits while working full time as a carpenter at G. S. & S., and he was a member of the Carpenters’ Union for nearly ten years.

In 1999, Chris moved out of the field and into the office, taking over the operations of the company. Today, he serves as the face of G. S. & S. focusing on business development and engaging new clients.

Chris is married with two kids. His hobbies include duck hunting and clay target shooting. He serves as president of the board of directors for the Great Rivers Habitat Alliance, which helps to preserve Missouri’s Big River Floodplains and Wetlands. Additionally, Chris is a past Board of Governors member of the Missouri Athletic Club and current chairman of the club’s Rod & Gun Club. He is also active with the Boy Scouts of America.

Chris Hastings

Chris Hastings has been in the construction industry for about 20 years, starting work with his father’s company at 16. He’s been with us at G. S. & S. since March 2016, serving as our project manager and estimator.

His day-to-day entails job estimating, scheduling, coordination and managing project budgets, as well as site estimation. He also wears a business development hat, helping us work with new clients. Chris loves the fact that no two days are ever the same in his job, and our clients appreciate his ready availability, reliability and transparency with budgets and project timing.

In his spare time, Chris hits the golf course as much as possible. His family also enjoys camping in their RV at our beautiful state parks.

Greg Bauer

Greg Bauer started working at G. S. &. S. in 1990 when he was just 20, driving a truck delivering materials. Over the years, he took on more responsibilities, eventually focusing on the safety aspect of the construction industry.

At the time, the company didn’t have a formal safety manual, so Greg undertook the effort of creating one for us. Today, he still manages safety operations as well as job logistics, helping determine who or what needs to be where and when. He’s been described as Radar from the show M*A*S*H – If it needs to get done, tell Greg and it gets done.

Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter on family game nights and around the dinner table, where no phones are allowed!

Linda Howard

Linda Howard has been crunching numbers for 40 years, and she’s been our accounting pro at G. S. & S. since 2005.

She manages all the facets of our office. In her role, Linda’s main goal is to get our customers paid as quickly as possible because we always want to ensure that our customers are happy.

Linda’s an avid volleyball player and has played the game since she was in high school. In fact, she still plays in a women’s recreational league.

Jordan Shockley

Jordan Shockley initially joined our team as an intern in 2019 and became a full-time project manager in 2020. Prior to joining G. S. & S., he worked as a construction laborer for three years which served as a springboard for his interest in the industry.

Jordan’s responsibilities entail assisting the senior project managers in the planning, budgeting, and scheduling of projects. He tries to help any way he can and is always willing to offer a helping hand around the office.

His favorite part of his day is going out to the worksites and connecting with the project supervisors and workers out in the field. A big fan of the outdoors, Jordan enjoys fishing and golfing on the weekends and tries to get out whenever he can.

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